[Contemporary America] Sentimental Post-Humanism vs. Arcadian Realism




“This was a boy with an intimate but strange relation to the world around him […] through the miracle of television […] silently [he] forgave every apparent wrong done him by us and the world; would fall and cover his chest with his hands at the slightest criticism […] would walk blindfolded through rooms littered with torn drawings of the flag. This was the world the monadic Vance Vigorous received and mirrored through himself”

David Foster Wallace. The broom of the system. Penguin Books. London, 2010. [pp. 76-77]





“I want to welcome you all, because it´s a wonderful thing, our American middle class. It´s the mainstay of economies all around the globe […] You, too, can buy six-foot-wide plasma TV screens that consume unbelievable amounts of energy, even when they´re not turned on! […] we could strip your ancestral hills and feed the coal-fired generators that are the number-one cause of global warming and other excellent things like acid rain. It´s a pefrect world, isn´t it? It´s a perfect system, because as long as you´ve got your six foot-wide plasma TV, and the electricity to run it, you don´t have to think about any of the ugly consequences. You can watch Survivor: Indonesia till there´s no more Indonesia!”

Jonathan Franzen. Freedom. Fourth State. London. 2010. [p. 483]


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