Reality vs. Art



The writer has a responsability to return to us the reality of our experience -not “objective” reality but the reality of our ongoing lives, reality we are made to deny and forget.[1]

[1] John J. Clayton. Alain Robbe-Grillet: The Aesthetics of Sado-Masochism. Masachusetts Review, 18, i (spring 1977), p. 119.


I observed new folds near my mouth and, around my eyes and the root of my nose, marks that had not been there a year before. It is not pleasant to find such changes [..] I shrugged them off as inevitable, the price of experience.” [2]

[2] Saul Bellow. Dangling Man. Penguin Modern Classics. London. 2007. p. 173.


The true act of recognition is more profound than any act of invention, and the greatest achievement of any invention or art work is when it frees you into a recognition of reality[3]

[3] Tony Tanner. “Conclusion” in City of Words: American Fiction 1950-1970. London. Cape. 1971. pp 395-396.


All fiction contributes to cognition by providing us with models that reveal the nature of reality by their very failure to coincide with it[4].

[4] Robert Scholes. The Fictional criticism of the future. TriQuaterly, nº 34. Fall 1975. p. 237.


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